WOW Night

On Thursday, December 15, 2016, all MSSA teams were Feeling good as they performed with confidence, grace, and precision. The pool was like a Monster tsunami that you could not Get out of your mind.

The girls’ confidence was Hot hot hot with No mountain high enough.  Performance after performance, they were nothing short of a Thriller! The audience was Oh so quiet in awe as they experienced all the coaches’ and swimmers’ hard work pay off.

The girls executed routines with grace including a fast-paced polka dot circus!  Their dedication to practice and team synchronization was clear.  The evening showed how each swimmer’s mantra was ‘I like to move it’.

Precision in their moves was a testament to the dedicated coaches who have had to Rock around the clock in order to foster talent larger than Peewee’s big adventure from first time competitive swimmers to experienced veterans.  Keep up the awesome work Coaches!

All your hard work and commitment to your team shows in your confidence, grace and precision. Well-done girls!  We wish you a great holiday season.  Further, we wish you all the best as you prepare for the upcoming competition season.

With warm regards,

The MSSA Executive

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