Regional League

(Formally called Novice Program)

Regional League:

MASA’s regional league Program offers swimmers the opportunity to compete at an entry level while developing  their synchronized swimming skills over a full season (September to May). Participants will have fun learning, building friendships, and enhancing their synchronized swimming skills. Working together as a team for the full season will enable swimmers to work together to develop their skills.  There are three competitions: December, April and May.

This Program is a wonderful stepping-stone for swimmers who hope to join the competitive stream in the future to hone their skills. Swimmers will work and compete with other synchronized swimmers of the same age and similar skills and abilities. The Novice Competitive program train twice a week. Attendance is critical to competitive success and skill development, and so we ask only committed swimmers and families consider this program.

Novice Competitive Program swimmers train Thursday and Sunday for 2 hours at each practice from September to May.


Ages 11 and Under and no previous synchro swim experience – Attend Free Try Synchro Events held in June and September.  A program will be recommended for September registration.

Previous synchro experience.  Attend seasonal Team Placement Test  in June or September.  Team Placement Test comprises 2 sessions which swimmers attend and must perform challenging skills which reflect the competitive programs. Coaches evaluate swimmers and assign teams based on swimmer potential and performance.

Information about Try Synchro and Team Placement Test are typically posted to the website in May.


For more information about this program, please contact us: