Policies and Handbook


Complaint Policy (MASA) (updated: December 15, 2022)

Appeal Policy (CAS)

Coach Registration and Certification Policy (CAS) 

Concussion Policy (OAS)

Conduct Policy (CAS)

Discipline and Complaint Policy (CAS)

Privacy Policy (OAS)

Screening Policy (CAS)

Accessibility Policy (OAS)

Athlete Health and Wellness Policy (OAS)

Equity and Inclusion Policy (OAS)

Prevention of Maltreatment Policy & Procedure (OAS)

Safe & Welcoming Policy Suite – Overview (CAS)

Conflict of Interest Policy (CAS)

Discrimination, Harassment, & Maltreatment Policy (CAS)

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Policy (CAS)

Screening Disclosure Form (CAS)

Constitution and Bylaws

MSSA Constitution and Bylaws – Click here: MSSA Constitution and bylaws

Member Handbook

MASA Handbook – Click here: MSSA Handbook – Updated 2019

Insurance Certificate

MASA Certificate of Insurance – Click Here: MASA Certificate of Insurance