Policies and Handbook


Appeal Policy (CAS)

Coach Registration and Certification Policy (CAS) 

Concussion Policy (OAS)

Conduct Policy (CAS)

Discipline and Complaint Policy (CAS)

Privacy Policy (OAS)

Screening Policy (CAS)

Covid-19 Vaccination Policy (OAS)

Accessibility Policy (OAS)

Athlete Health and Wellness Policy (OAS)

Equity and Inclusion Policy (OAS)

Prevention of Maltreatment Policy & Procedure (OAS)

Safe & Welcoming Policy Suite – Overview (CAS)

Conflict of Interest Policy (CAS)

Discrimination, Harassment, & Maltreatment Policy (CAS)

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Policy (CAS)

Screening Disclosure Form (CAS)

Constitution and Bylaws

MSSA Constitution and Bylaws – Click here: MSSA Constitution and bylaws


MASA Handbook – Click here: MSSA Handbook – Updated 2019

Insurance Certificate

MASA Certificate of Insurance – Click Here: MASA Certificate of Insurance