Waterloo Invitational 2017


21st Annual Waterloo Invitational

Congratulations to all the girls who were at the event January 28, 2017.

Your dedication and teamwork was evident. You have improved since the

beginning of the season. The MSSA executive is proud of your hard work

and your committed coaches. Remember to keep positive, keep

practicing, and keep it up!

Rankings (by age category):

3rd place (12 Solo)

Coach: Erin Dawson

Swimmer: Georgia Tsorakis

3rd place (15 Team)

Coach: Debbie Stanton

Swimmers: Ashley Falconer, Calista Fragos, Olivia Heaton, Caroline Martyn Belchoir,

Olivia Symons, Rang Zhang

3rd place (16-20 Team)

Coach: Debbie Stanton

Swimmers: Morgan Armstrong, Brittany Elford, Sienna Fonza, Alyssa Robertson-

Leithwood, Emily Sakai, Mya Scepanovic

4th place (13-15 Solo)

Coach: Alexa Granger

Swimmer: Morgan Armstrong

6th (11-12 Team)

Coach: Erin Dawson

Swimmers: Carly Atherton, Rylin Gilpin, Emily Jones, Julia Knowles, Pauline Lee, Ariel

Liu, Dea Yu, Kaia Lapsley, Georgia Tsorakis

6th place (16-20 Duet)

Coach: Alexa Granger

Swimmers: Brittany Elford, Sienna Fonzo

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