Parent Volunteering

To help offset program fees, MASC competitive stream parents are required to volunteer and participate in club activities throughout the year. Building a winning organization starts with the commitments from our families to create the best learning and competitive experience possible.

Executive and Committee Volunteering

We have open roles to support operational activities within the club. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these roles, please contact Sonal Thomas

  • Director, Finance
    • responsible for the management of the club’s accounts and grant submissions. This role will be a member of the club’s executive committee.
  • Co-Ordination, Bingo Volunteer Program
    • this role works with the Director of HR to schedule Bingo Volunteer requirements with parents at the club
  • Team Parent
    • each competitive team requires a parent liaison to communicate with coaches and club executive on behalf of the families. The team Parent is also responsible for coordinating team events and organizing the team volunteer activity for any assigned club events.

Bingo Requirements

All Competitive team families are expected to volunteer with the Mississauga Charity Gaming Association (MCGA) at the Mississauga – Battleford location.   The funds we earn by “working the Bingo” help pay our pool and dryland rental fees – thereby keeping membership fees much lower than they would be otherwise.

Each family will need to represent MASA during Bingo/E-gaming sessions on a few occasions during the 2022-2023 season – the precise number of sessions will depend on the number of competitive swimmers in the club and the number of sessions allocated to MASA by MCGA.  Participation in Bingo volunteering is mandatory for all families, with financial penalties incurred if volunteering is not completed.

  • Note that the Bingo Volunteering Requirement is waived for any family with a member that chooses to take the Canada Artistic Swimming Officials Introductory Course with a goal of becoming an artistic swimming official (ie. judge). 

OLG rules stipulate that those who volunteer at Bingo must attend a mandatory training session (organized and scheduled by OLG).  When upcoming training dates are known, they will be shared.   Bingo volunteers are also required to wear a distinctive club shirt while volunteering. 

OAS Event Volunteering

In addition to organizing competitions, Ontario Artistic Swimming (OAS) are the official hosts for two key events on the synchro calendar: the Skills Testing event & the Hilton Invitational. Each artistic swimming club in Ontario will be assigned a certain number of tasks for these events, and MASA will need to identify volunteers to fulfill certain roles during those competitions. The number and nature of the volunteer roles is determined, in part, by the size of each club.

Club Event Volunteering

To ensure the smooth delivery of the club’s social events (WOW Night, Swim Show, Banquet, etc.), each competitive team is also assigned an event that they will need to plan, coordinate & run. Team projects will be assigned once swimmer team placement is complete. Participation in their team’s assigned project is mandatory for all families, with financial penalties if volunteering is not completed.