AquaGo! Coach

We are seeking an AquaGo! Coach to join our team and provide exceptional coaching and guidance to individuals of all ages and skill levels. As an AquaGo! Coach, you will be responsible for designing and delivering swimming lessons and water-based activities aimed at teaching fundamental artistic swimming skills and promoting water safety. Your role will involve creating a positive and supportive learning environment, assessing participants’ progress, and implementing effective coaching techniques to help individuals achieve their swimming goals. If you are an experienced swimmer, the club will also offer a subsidy to support your certification as an AquaGo! Coach. Interested applicants can contact for more information.

Key Responsibilities

1. Develop and implement swimming lesson plans: 

  • Design and deliver structured swimming lessons based on participants’ age, skill level, and specific objectives. 
  • Deliver a progressive curriculum that emphasizes water safety, stroke technique, endurance, and overall confidence in the water. 
  • Adapt lesson plans to accommodate the individual needs and learning styles of participants. 

2. Provide expert coaching and guidance: 

  • Conduct engaging and interactive coaching sessions, ensuring participants are motivated and inspired to improve their swimming skills. 
  • Demonstrate proper swimming techniques and provide constructive feedback to help participants refine their strokes. 
  • Utilize effective coaching strategies to address individual strengths and weaknesses, fostering skill development and progress. 

3. Ensure water safety: 

  • Maintain a safe and secure aquatic environment during coaching sessions, adhering to all safety protocols and guidelines. 
  • Promote water safety education by teaching participants about pool rules, safe entry and exit procedures, and emergency protocols. 
  • Monitor participants closely to prevent accidents, respond promptly to any emergencies, and provide necessary first aid when required. 

4. Evaluate and track progress: 

  • Conduct regular assessments and skill evaluations to measure participants’ progress and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Provide constructive feedback and guidance to participants and their parents or guardians on their performance and areas to focus on. 
  • Maintain accurate records of participants’ achievements and milestones, documenting progress and ensuring effective communication with relevant stakeholders. 

5. Foster a positive learning environment: 

  • Create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where participants feel comfortable and motivated to learn. 
  • Encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, and mutual respect among participants, promoting a positive group dynamic. 
  • Develop rapport with participants and their families, addressing any concerns or questions promptly and professionally. 

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Strong knowledge of swimming techniques, stroke mechanics, and water safety practices. 
  • Ability to effectively communicate and demonstrate swimming skills to individuals of varying learning styles. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to connect with participants and create a positive and supportive learning environment. 
  • Demonstrated ability to provide constructive feedback and motivate individuals to reach their swimming goals. 
  • First Aid and CPR certification, with the ability to respond to emergencies effectively. 
  • Familiarity with swimming lesson curricula and the ability to design lesson plans that align with participants’ needs and objectives. 
  • Organizational skills to maintain accurate records, track participant progress, and manage administrative tasks associated with coaching. 

Note: This job description is a general outline of responsibilities and qualifications required for an AquaGo! Coach position. Duties and requirements may vary depending on the specific organization and its aquatic program.