2016-2017 Season

Ontario Open Age Group 2017 Championships

May 24 – 28, 2017, Etobicoke Olympium Pool


The Mississauga Synchronized Swimming Association (MSSA) was proud to be a part of Canada’s largest synchronized swimming competition with over 800 athletes and coaches in attendance.  The photos from the event showcase the hard work, great sportsmanship and dedication shown by all swimmers and coaches over the 2016-2017 season.  Well-done girls!

The MSSA executive hopes you had fun, persevered to new personal and team goals, and made lifelong friendships along the way.  We wish you all the best in your future endeavors wherever they may lead.

Synchro Ontario Results

Madhu Jain – Club Reporter



The MSSA was one of 25 teams who participated in the 6th annual Hilton Worldwide Synchronized Swimming Invitational, April 6-9, 2017 hosted by Synchro Swim Ontario. The Etobicoke Olympium Pool was filled with girls performing solo, duet and team events. MSSA had many swimmers and coaches who showed dedication, passion and marked improvements from previous events. Specific mention goes out to medal winners in various age group categories below.

Rankings (by age category):

4th PLACE (11-12 Provincial Solo): Georgia Tsorakis coach by Erin Dawson

6th PLACE (12 year Provincial Team): Carly Atherton, Julia Knowles, Kaia Lapsley, Georgia Tsorakis, Dea Yu, Rylin Gilpin, Emily Jones, & Pauline Lee, Ariel Liu coach by Erin Dawson

6th PLACE (13-15 Provincial Solo): Morgan Armstrong, coach by Alexa Granger

6th PLACE (16-20 Provincial Team): Morgan Armstrong, Emily Sakai, Brittany Elford, Sienna Fonzo, Alyssa Robertson-Leithwood, Mya Scepanovic, coach by Debbie Stanton.



The Mississauga Synchronized Swimming Association (MSSA) participated in the Central North Regional Championship March 3 – 5, 2017.  Over 35 girls exhibited skill, poise, and team spirit as they ranked amongst the top 5 in various events!

Specific event, age range and rankings follow:  Figures Event: 16-20 Brittany 1st, 13-15 Emily 4th, Solo Event: Georgia 3rd, Morgan 3rd, Duet Event: Brittany and Siena 3rd, Routine Event: 11-12 Team 3rd, 13-15 Team 3rd, 16-20 Team 3rd, Championship Event: 11-12 Team 5th.

The association is growing as recognition and interest in the sport rises.  Our girls and their coaches, have worked hard since the beginning of the season and each has shown skill development in figures and routines while having fun!



Congratulations to all the girls who were at the event January 28, 2017. Your dedication and teamwork was evident. You have improved since the beginning of the season. The MSSA executive is proud of your hard work and your committed coaches. Remember to keep positive, keep practicing, and keep it up! Rankings (by age category):


3rd place (12 Solo)

Swimmer: Georgia Tsorakis – Coach: Erin Dawson

3rd place (15 Team)

Swimmers: Ashley Falconer, Calista Fragos, Olivia Heaton, Caroline Martyn Belchoir,

Olivia Symons, Rang Zhang – Coach: Debbie Stanton

3rd place (16-20 Team)

Swimmers: Morgan Armstrong, Brittany Elford, Sienna Fonza, Alyssa Robertson-

Leithwood, Emily Sakai, Mya Scepanovic – Coach: Debbie Stanton

4th place (13-15 Solo)

Swimmer: Morgan Armstrong – Coach: Alexa Granger

6th (11-12 Team)

Swimmers: Carly Atherton, Rylin Gilpin, Emily Jones, Julia Knowles, Pauline Lee, Ariel

Liu, Dea Yu, Kaia Lapsley, Georgia Tsorakis – Coach: Erin Dawson

6th place (16-20 Duet)

Swimmers: Brittany Elford, Sienna Fonzo – Coach: Alexa Granger

C/N/W NOVICE FIGURE MEET – December 3th, 2016.

River Sung – gold in 16-20 figures

Emily Dupuy – 5th in 13-15 figures